Chicory pulp is obtained after extracting inulin from industrial chicory root (Cichorium Intybus).

SOCODE’s chicory pulp is dried at low temperature, which means that the maximum air temperature in contact with the pulp is 70°C compared to the classic drying processes in which temperatures of over 120°C are applied to the pulp.

Low temperature drying has the advantage of producing chicory pulp:


  • light grey in colour;
  • no burned particle;
  • and protein digestibility is higher.

SOCODE offers this dried chicory pulp in different granulometries: 3 mm, 1mm, or 800µm.


Dried and ground chicory pulp has great water retention: from 8 to 10g of water for 1g of pulp.


Dried and ground chicory pulp is used in:


  • 3 mm: for calf and horse feed or as a vegetable carrier for wet fodder;
  • 1 mm or 800µm: in piglet, sow, rabbit feed, etc. or as a vegetable carrier for acids, monopropylene glycol, glycerol, essential oils, liquid vitamins, etc.


Our dried and ground chicory pulp is used as follows:


  • ± 0.4kg/100kg of live weight for bovines and ovines;
  • ± 300 g/day for sows, and 3% in piglet diets;
  • ± 3% for dog and cat food, and horse feed.


Dried and ground chicory pulp is available in:


  • 25kg net paper bags on 975 kg pallet (80x120cm), or 1000 kg (100x120cm) pallet;
  • 35kg net paper bag on 1050 kg pallet (100x120cm);
  • 1000 kg big bag on pallet (100x100cm);
  • bulk (silo truck).

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