Chicory inulin is a fructose polymer (fructo-oligosaccharide) and is naturally present in various plants but particularly in chicory root. It is a soluble fibre composed of molecules whose chains contain an average of 7 units of fructose and end with a unit of glucose.

A soft water extraction process

Inulin is extracted from chicory root through a soft process using hot water, similar to processes used in the production of sugar beet. The first stage is composed of obtaining a liquid concentration from the chicory root. These juices are then purified into fibre in either liquid or spray-dried to powder form.

Chicory inulin acts as a prebiotic

Monogastrics do not digest inulin in the stomach, but this carbohydrate is exclusively fermented by the acidophilic flora in the large intestine. The products of this fermentation – the bacterial mass and the free fatty acids - are absorbed by the subject. The stimulation of the bifidogenic bacterial flora favourably affects immunity.

Chicory inulin has various benefits for intestinal flora :

  • Regulation of the faecal mass volume and of intestinal transit;
  • Acidification of the intestinal content and development of free fatty acids (essentially butyric acid);
  • Improved assimilation of minerals (Ca, Mg, etc.);
  • Reduction of ammonium production in the large intestine in monogastrics, or in the rumen of bovines;
  • Selective stimulation of bifidogenic bacteria: guarantee of better immunity.

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