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Our FIBRULOSE™ L90 product, liquid inulin fibre from chicory, is used in liquid solution products.

Liquid Inulin fibre from chicory is ideal for :
  • mixing with other liquid raw materials or feeding via water (for poultry) or milk (for fattening calves);
  • providing a moisturizing effect in piglet feed or pet food to help obtain a prebiotic effect.



Our FIBRULOSE™ L90, liquid inulin fibre from chicory, is used from 0.3 to 0.5 % depending on its application.


Here are the main characteristics of FIBRULOSE™ L90 liquid inulin fibre from chicory:

Physical appearance: viscous liquid
Colour: white, slightly yellowish
Taste: slightly sweet, not bitter

FIBRULOSE™ L90 liquid chicory fibre is available in 1300 kg waste IBC on 100x120 cm pallets.

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