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L30 Syrup

Our liquid chicory inulin product, L30 Syrup, is a liquid by-product obtained after purification of the inulin extracted from chicory root. Liquid chicory inulin is essentially composed of free sugars (fructose and glucose) and short-chained inulin.

L30 Syrup is a valuable source of energy improving ingestion and has a monogastric prebiotic effect.

Liquid chicory inulin 


  • perfectly appropriate in poultry and piglet diets: provides sugars and inulin, reduced potassium content.
  • raw material for better quality small pellets or tasty crumbs in poultry or piglet diets.


Our L30 Syrup, liquid chicory inulin, is used in the final diet from 1% to 2%.


Here are the main characteristics of liquid chicory inulin:

Physical appearance: viscous syrup
Colour: dark brown
Odour: neutral
Taste: sugary, with the typical aftertaste of chicory.

Liquid chicory inulin is available in bulk (tanker truck ±25 T).

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