PREBIOFEED™ 95 is a demineralised prebiotic inulin powder produced from chicory root. This product is an oligofructose rich in soluble fibre.


Prebiotic inulin in powder form is extracted from chicory root and has various applications including specific ones in the following monogastrics: pet food, piglets, growing chicks and poultry, laying hens, rabbits, turkeys, calves, or horses.




Dosing of prebiotic inulin in powder form varies according to type of animal to be fed:


  • Pet food: 1 to 10 kg, preferably 3 to 8 kg/T depending on the application
  • Piglets: 1 to 3 kg/T
  • Growing chicks and poultry: 750 g to 1.5 kg/T
  • Laying hens: 500g to 1 kg/T
  • Rabbits: 1 to 5 kg/T
  • Turkeys, first 8 weeks: 1 to 1.5 kg/T
  • Calves: 1 kg to 3 kg/T
  • Horses: 2 to 5 kg/T


Here are the main characteristics of prebiotic inulin in powder form:


  • Physical appearance: powder
  • Colour: white
  • Odour: ±neutral
  • Taste: neutral to slightly sugary


Prebiotic inulin in powder is available in:


  • 20 kg net paper bag (double polyethylene) on an 800kg pallet (120x120x180 cm);
  • 900 kg big bag on 100×120 cm pallet.


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