Omega 3&9


SOCODE transforms oleic sunflower seed, a source of omega-9. Our alpha-Omega-9 product is composed of oleic sunflower seed, and is laminated and protected from oxidation.  

Quite a rich source of vegetable oil (±45%), it is particularly rich in oleic fatty acid (min.80% of the oil). These unsaturated fatty acids, a source of omega-9, have anti-inflammatory properties and are highly recommended for improving health parameters (refer to the reputation of olive oil in food).


Exceptionally rich in alpha-tocopherols (309mg/kg), a natural source of a highly available vitamin E, it acts as a natural antioxidant (improves colour retention of meat).



Alpha-Omega-9, a source of omega-9, activates enzymes that stimulate chlorogenic acid which acts on the solubilisation and evacuation of xenobiotics (such as toxins) from the liver.


Alpha-Omega-9 essentially improves the qualitative properties of meat or milk and milk products.


The specific composition of the fatty acids and the strong presence of alpha-tocopherols stimulate intramuscular fat (IMF) in the meat, reduce water loss from carcasses, and guarantee better meat preservation.

Certain components of Alpha-Omega-9, a source of omega-9, stimulate enzymes purifying the liver and then dissolve steroids. This can act on hormones (androstenone in uncastrated pigs) to avoid unpleasant smells on meat.

Alpha-Omega-9, a source of omega-9, is able to replace a significant amount of Omega-6 fatty acids considered to be pro-inflammatory and a threat to health when overabundant. Omega-6 sources essentially come from fatty acids in maize and soya.

Tests have proved that butter quality is improved in terms of softness while its appearance is maintained. Combined with Lin+, it improves the balance of fatty acids for human health.


Here are the main characteristics of Alpha-Omega-9, a source of omega-9 fatty acids:



  • Physical appearance: laminated oleic sunflower seed particles.
  • Colour: grey with black particles.
  • Odour: typical odour of sunflower seed or sunflower oil cake.



Alpha-Omega-9, a source of omega-9, is used as a raw material for animal feed, specifically for bovines, pigs, horses, and sheep.




  • Growing phase: from 2% to 4% of the feed dry matter.
  • Dairy cows and fattening: 5% of the feed dry matter (an increase of unsaturated fats reduces saturated fats resulting in more marbled meat or facilitates the spreadability of butter).

Pig feed: from 2% to 4% in fattening pigs and in sows (improves meat properties: increases IMF and stability, and reduced water loss from carcasses).

Horse feed: from 2% to 5%, provides dietary fat content (anti-inflammatory) and significant fibre for a low starch value.

Poultry feed: in laying hens to improve the fatty acids composition and increase egg size.

Pet food: from 2% to 5%, the alpha-tocopherols increase antioxidants and decrease free radicals. The intake of monounsaturated fat content improves the omega-6/omega-3 ratio of the diet.


Alpha-Omega-9 is available in:



  • 20 kg paper bags on a 780kg pallet (100x120cm);
  • 500kg big bag;
  • bulk (but not recommended in conventional silo: flowability concern).

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