Our product Prolin is unsaturated fatty acid feed composed of 80% flattened linseed protected against oxidation, and 20% dried chicory pulp shreds.

The advantage of this unsaturated fatty acid feed mixture is that it is easier to store in silo because the dried chicory pulp shreds capture the oily linseed particles.

Prolin provides more fibre in the ration compared to Lin+ (see chicory pulp).

SOCODE can offer you a variety of mixes of flattened crushed flaxseed with dried chicory pulp shreds, or ground to powder, at different concentrations, and can also include other ingredients (see Alpha-Omega-9).


Here are the main characteristics of Prolin unsaturated fatty acid feed:


  • Physical appearance: linseed particles and dried chicory pulp shreds
  • Colour: mainly brown, slightly yellowish (linseed particles), and yellowish grey (chicory pulp shreds)
  • Odour: typical odour of flaxseed or linseed expeller

Applications & Dosing

Our Prolin mixture is mainly used for sows, bovines, and horses.


Prolin is used for 3 to 5% of the daily ration.
See dosing of our Lin+ product (Prolin contains 80% Lin+).


Prolin unsaturated fatty acid feed is available in:



  • 25 kg paper bags on a 975kg pallet (100x120cm);
  • 800kg big bag on a pallet (100x100cm);
  • bulk.

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