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NASTAR™ feed, native pea starch is extracted from yellow peas. It is obtained after separation of the fibres and decantation of the starch from the proteins.

Pea starch:


  • is not soluble in water;
  • contains ±20% starch resistant to enzymatic hydrolysis;
  • resists heat and acidic conditions;
  • has very high gelling properties compared to other starches.



Here are the main characteristics of our NASTAR™ pea starch for feed:


  • Physical appearance: powder <300µm
  • Colour: white
  • Odour: neutral
  • Taste: neutral


Pea starch is a raw material for animal feed used in:


  • Piglets: the slower degradation of pea starch ensures better ingestion. The resistant starch stimulates intestinal flora;
  • In coated feed: high gelling properties and little product swelling;
  • Pet food: the glycemic value of NASTAR™ is weak (30) compared to 80 for maize and 70 for wheat. Pea starch shows good resistance to heat and acidic conditions.


NASTAR™ feed pea starch is used for:



  • piglets: ±4% in order to give ±1% resistant starch stimulating the intestinal flora;
  • pet food: ±25%.


NASTAR™ feed pea starch is available in:



  • 25 kg net paper bags on 750 kg net pallet (120x80x140cm);
  • 850kg big bag on 80x120cm pallet.