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Our Ispro-90 pea protein isolate product is extracted from yellow peas using a natural process. It is a natural feed ingredient, containing few antinutritional factors, and is GMO and gluten free.

Ispro-90 is a highly digestible source of protein for dietetic feed applications with a well-balanced amino acid profile: rich in lysine and arginine.

Pea protein isolate is ideal for readjusting the amino acid profile of cereal protein sources. Amino acid arginine is particularly appreciated for enhancing immune responses and improving wound healing. Lysine helps with muscle protein formation, growth, bone development, and improves calcium absorption.



Here are the main characteristics of our product Ispro-90 pea protein isolate:



  • Physical appearance: powder <300µm
  • Colour: cream
  • Odour: neutral
  • Taste: neutral


Pea protein isolate is used as a raw material in dietary feed applications such as:



  • piglet feed;
  • aquaculture and pet food;
  • lactoreplacer;
  • apiculture: by absence of pollen.


Our pea protein isolate is dosed according to the balance between the amino acids and so depends on the ingredients already used.


Ispro-90 is available in:



  • 15 kg net multi-layer paper bags on 630kg net pallet (120x85x175cm).
  • 500kg big bag on 80x120cm pallet.