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SOCODE offers the best quality animal feed product in a range of products processed at the various COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing production sites.


Chicory has been one of the COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing’s core products since the company was founded. Once transformed at the dedicated site, the chicory root is processed to adequate feed ingredient and marketed by the SOCODE team. Valorisation of applications by optimising the use of the product is important to SOCODE. Here below we now highlight the specific properties of chicory used in feed.


  • Dried chicory pulp: used after the grinding process in the form of pulp that makes the product suitable as a vegetable carrier for liquid products or as a dietary fibre, particular in products for pig, dog, cat, rabbit, horse, and calf diets.
  • Inulin: acts as an excellent prebiotic, it is an ideal substrate for bifidogenic bacteria.
  • The chicory root shreds: important source of inulin (nearly 65%, linked to the pulp fraction). Chicory root shreds also contain various substances that have various beneficial health effects.
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COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing’s yellow pea product is also one of the main ingredients in products offered and marketed by SOCODE. To valorise the yellow pea to its maximum animal applications, we use:


  • the pea protein isolate: 85 % of protein on DM and guaranteed GMO-free;
  • inner pea fibre: is the pea fiber with good high water retention and rich in pectin;
  • external pea fibre: especially used in pet food and in piglets’ applications to provide insoluble fibres;
  • natural starch: used in milk powder or piglet feedstuffs, it can also be used in pet food because it does not contain allergens.
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But SOCODE does not stop there. We are enlarging our activities to serve animals by diversifying our market and by focusing on the development of new product concepts in order to meet market, animal, and human needs more effectively.