Welcome to SOCODE, your animal feed producer

Welcome to SOCODE, a unit production of COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing SA a family owned independent company established in Belgium that develops, produces, and sells natural ingredients obtained from industrial chicory and yellow peas.
SOCODE has been drying and transforming chicory pulp and roots for fifty years to develop feed ingredients and compound feedstuffs for animal feed.


A little of history

SOCODE was established in 1970 when our parent company Warcoing SA became producer of natural extracts from sugar beet (1972), and then added chicory (since 1982) followed by yellow peas (since 1990). It was decided to set up SOCODE as a co-operative company. Today, SOCODE is one of the COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing production sites located in Belgium between Tournai (province of Hainaut Occidental) and Courtrai.

A quality mark

It is important for SOCODE to offer quality products, quality proudly supported by several certifications that we cherish:

GMP+ FSA for products manufactured by SOCODE since October 2016 (formerly GMP+ from 2002).
FCA for inulin and pea products.
COSUCRA’s cherished environmental approach is paramount. It has also been guaranteed by ISO14001 certification since April 2014. SOCODE teams follow this approach every day.

Animal well-being… serving to benefit humans !

Our SOCODE team is engaged in finding solutions to animal nutrition problems, highlighting aspects and health-related problems and challenges for the consumer. Most of our products are used as ingredient in feedstuff production or in premixes.

Chicory inulin and dried and ground chicory root are used as a prebiotic in animal feed in order to substitute antibiotics with the aim to prevent illnesses. The dried chicory powder is also patented for its properties in treating ectoparasites and as a solution against protozoan infections (large intestine inflammations) in piglets.

We transform our dried chicory pulp into dietary fibre offering fast absorption properties. Our pulp improves intestinal transit, especially in piglets, cats, and dogs.

SOCODE also works to improve the profile of fatty acids by increasing intramuscular fat in pork and beef, and improve the unsaturated fatty acids profile (omega-3 and omega-9) of meat and milk through animal feed.

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