Alpha-Omega-9, a source of omega-9, activates enzymes that stimulate chlorogenic acid which acts on the solubilisation and evacuation of xenobiotics (such as toxins) from the liver.

Alpha-Omega-9 essentially improves the qualitative properties of meat or milk and milk products.

The specific composition of the fatty acids and the strong presence of alpha-tocopherols stimulate intramuscular fat (IMF) in the meat, reduce water loss from carcasses, and guarantee better meat preservation.


SOCODE’s chicory pulp is dried at low temperature, which means that the maximum air temperature in contact with the pulp is 70°C compared to the classic drying processes in which temperatures of over 120°C are applied to the pulp.

Low temperature drying has the advantage of producing chicory pulp:


  • light grey in colour;
  • no burned particle;
  • and protein digestibility is higher.

SOCODE offers this dried chicory pulp in different granulometries: 3 mm, 1mm, or 800µm.


Liquid Inulin fibre from chicory is ideal for :
  • mixing with other liquid raw materials or feeding via water (for poultry) or milk (for fattening calves);
  • providing a moisturizing effect in piglet feed or pet food to help obtain a prebiotic effect.

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Liquid chicory inulin 


  • perfectly appropriate in poultry and piglet diets: provides sugars and inulin, reduced potassium content.
  • raw material for better quality small pellets or tasty crumbs in poultry or piglet diets.

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Prebiotic inulin in powder form is extracted from chicory root and has various applications including specific ones in the following monogastrics: pet food, piglets, growing chicks and poultry, laying hens, rabbits, turkeys, calves, or horses.

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Our company SOCODE specialises in processing specific raw materials to transformed products for use in feed-mix companies. Our aim? To provide specific and qualitative solutions to animal nutrition problems.

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