Ispro-90 is a highly digestible source of protein for dietetic feed applications with a well-balanced amino acid profile: rich in lysine and arginine.

Pea protein isolate is ideal for readjusting the amino acid profile of cereal protein sources. Amino acid arginine is particularly appreciated for enhancing immune responses and improving wound healing. Lysine helps with muscle protein formation, growth, bone development, and improves calcium absorption.


The liquid product (monopropylene glycol or glycerol) is reheated beforehand to facilitate incorporation in the dried and ground chicory pulp. The mixture is then slowly dried in a heated box before bagging.

L’inuline de chicorée..(Inuline)

Chicory inulin acts as a prebiotic

Monogastrics do not digest inulin in the stomach, but this carbohydrate is exclusively fermented by the acidophilic flora in the large intestine. The products of this fermentation – the bacterial mass and the free fatty acids – are absorbed by the subject. The stimulation of the bifidogenic bacterial flora favourably affects immunity.

Un processus d’extraction …(Inuline)

A soft water extraction process

Inulin is extracted from chicory root through a soft process using hot water, similar to processes used in the production of sugar beet. The first stage is composed of obtaining a liquid concentration from the chicory root. These juices are then purified into fibre in either liquid or spray-dried to powder form.

Produits du pois jaune(Nos produits)

Yellow pea products

COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing’s yellow pea product is also one of the main ingredients in products offered and marketed by SOCODE. To valorise the yellow pea to its maximum animal applications, we use:


  • the pea protein isolate: 85 % of protein on DM and guaranteed GMO-free;
  • inner pea fibre: is the pea fiber with good high water retention and rich in pectin;
  • external pea fibre: especially used in pet food and in piglets’ applications to provide insoluble fibres;
  • natural starch: used in milk powder or piglet feedstuffs, it can also be used in pet food because it does not contain allergens.

Produits à base de…(Nos produits)

Chicory root products

Chicory has been one of the COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing’s core products since the company was founded. Once transformed at the dedicated site, the chicory root is processed to adequate feed ingredient and marketed by the SOCODE team. Valorisation of applications by optimising the use of the product is important to SOCODE. Here below we now highlight the specific properties of chicory used in feed.


  • Dried chicory pulp: used after the grinding process in the form of pulp that makes the product suitable as a vegetable carrier for liquid products or as a dietary fibre, particular in products for pig, dog, cat, rabbit, horse, and calf diets.
  • Inulin: acts as an excellent prebiotic, it is an ideal substrate for bifidogenic bacteria.
  • The chicory root shreds: important source of inulin (nearly 65%, linked to the pulp fraction). Chicory root shreds also contain various substances that have various beneficial health effects.

Produits intermédiaires(Nos activités)

Intermediary products

In our animal feed production, we also guarantee the transformation of specific raw materials into intermediate products for use by feed-mix companies.


How do we choose our products? Very easy: we select those that help the most in solving animal nutrition challenges (by transforming them)! Processing of linseed and oleic sunflower seed are excellent examples: they provide very efficient applications in animal feedstuffs.


However, SOCODE not only focuses on the animal’s health and growth but also has a mission to make the product beneficial to human consumers thanks to contributions from omega-3 and omega-9, or as alternatives to antibiotics. Click here to find out more!

Séchage et transformation..(Nos activités)

Drying and transforming chicory pulp

Our main activity? The drying and transforming of chicory pulp and chicory root. Thanks to a low temperature drying process, a grinding installation, and the mixing with liquid products or specific ingredients, we offer our customers and partners high-quality animal feed products being of use on a large spectrum of applications.

More FABRICATION (Nos activités)

Production and marketing

We at SOCODE process and market feedstuffs rich in fibre and in sources of omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids. SOCODE also represents the products and by-products of COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing SA in the animal feed sector.

A little of history

A little of history

SOCODE was established in 1970 when our parent company Warcoing SA became producer of natural extracts from sugar beet (1972), and then added chicory (since 1982) followed by yellow peas (since 1990). It was decided to set up SOCODE as a co-operative company. Today, SOCODE is one of the COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing production sites located in Belgium between Tournai (province of Hainaut Occidental) and Courtrai.

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